Guess I once was strange
Silence waiting game
Should have it to dawn
What I faces is were

#Think i’ll stay on over
#Gotta move a little closer
#Think of what I should and shouldn’t have
#And still I haven’t hadn’t had another chance
#To pity me enervated can’t you see

(i’m not there)

*Mystery…mystery of

Nothing…mystery…hey..yeah..yeah..yeah..mystery of
Should have followed her
Like I’d bother
Across the lake of my own
Guess I’d bother




Butterfingers….this is my favorite local rock/grunge band up to date. I know this band since high school and I just love their music and still love them till now.  This, Malaysian rock band was famous (and i believe still are ) back in 90’s especially among high school and college students. The fact that they remind me of Nirvana, makes me love them even more but Butterfingers retained its originality with their twist of local music flavor in their music production and of course the awesome lyrics. The classic example are Royal Jelly and Malayneum. I love their originality. I miss this band a lot, there’s rumors that they will come back this year (fingers cross, please returned Butterfingers! please save the music). They were banned in local mainstream music scene for a particular reasons, sucks I know. I don’t really get it in regards to their banned issue. One of the ridiculous rumor (?) a friend told me Butterfingers was banned because in one performance in an award show, Emmet didn’t wore shoe on the stage….retarded? yes it was retarded. Am not sure as well whether they still banned or not  now heck I don’t care because whether they not on TV or radio I still spin their cassette and CDs. Who need radio and TV when you have mp3s, internet and of course underground music, I still listen to their songs up till now at the age of 26, that’s good music is all about. The songs and music are ageless. It will never died.  Their music inspired me a lot, that pretty much I know and I acknowledge them as an inspiration. That’s why Butterfingers is one of my favorite artists that I will tell and talk to my children in future.

The Butterfingers are

  • Emmett – Emmett Roslan Ishak (Vocals, Guitar, Violin)
  • Loque – Khairil Ridzwan bin Anuar (Guitar, Samples, Vocals)
  • Kadak – Mohd Fakharudin Bin Mohd Bahar (Bass, Vocals)
  • Loko – Mohamad Hafiz (Drums)
  • Ex:- Kalai (Drums) played for 1.2 Miligrams album

**Loque is my favorite. He will forever and always be my first high school crush LOL