New Direction – Lets share urban legend stories! Or Ghost Stories!

I actually been considering to write urban legend stories mostly coming  from my previous boarding school and few others from my universities LMAO It’s actually pretty amusing that such stories had been passed from one generation of batch to the next and of course haunted and ghostly (LMAO) imaginary never fail to amuse people and its very entertaining. Somehow I do wonder where does the stories actually come from. Was it just a piece of imaginary and creativity that the story eventually been created? or was it base on a true story? Was it really true though? I doubt it since urban legend did have a ” false” in its definition 😛

Since the born of Ju-On, horror flick become the in thing for movie goers. Asian Movie maker keep making horror film and the typical ghost with pale white face, long hair, mute and lifeless had become the stereotypes of ghost presentation/depiction is Asian Horror Movie. To be honest this excessive used of stereotypes imaginary had become old and I believe Sadako want to retired already or better yet to have a rival as well.

I’m not a fan of horror movie in actuality coz it does scared the shit out of me LMAO  but I do like telling short ghost stories to my friends and nieces (I’m weird like that). Why? obviously watching the reaction and scaring the crap out of them entertaining LOLs well some times the ghost stories become LOL-stories instead and the exchange of laughter that follows is very entertaining as well hehehehe

So I will try to write stuff that I know and heard from the school i went too and of course stories from other places as well. I become interested to do this since just like the rest of Asia or maybe world, horror movie in my own country (Malaysia) been using the same formulation over and over again. Yes…that is over-using Sadako-like imaginary to portray the evil spirits in almost every horror flick produce these past few years. It become tiresome and lacks of creativity in my opinion. The surprising factor is not there anymore. You feel that, you can almost predict what will happen next or what will appear next.

To think that Sadako is originally a story about an evil spirit is based on of the Japanese concept of onryō (怨霊) or “vengeful ghosts” being used extensively all over Malaysian horror movie, making it very tacky and unoriginal. Malaysian folks too have plenty of ghost stories with equal “charisma” or even more than Sadako  hehehe



Okay! This time its Radwimps turn!!!! I get to know this unique band by accident. I read somewhere, about their nomination for Oshakashama  for Best Rock Video in 2010 MTV World Stage VMAJ. Youtube it coz I get curious, the band name was kinda cool to me LOL . My reaction was like “woah with 1,000,000 viewing in Youtube, they must be some major band”. I feel ashamed coz I didnt know them. Streaming it and damn the the wicked bassist in that song make me hooked. Gosh that song totally kill me. Its catchy as hell.Im a huge fan now. Their latest single, DADA which reach its peak in Oricon single chart was damn awesome too. Im amused with they unique sounds and I am severely in love with their creative MV production. It just…..different.

This awesome band started back in 2001 from Kanagawa, Japan. The five original band members were friends since middle school. They had performed at high profile summer music festivals, such as Setstock, Rock in Japan and Summer Sonic. Radwimps are (present members)

  • Yojiro Noda (vocals, guitar, songwriting)
  • Akira Kuwahara  (guitar, chorus)
  • Satoshi Yamaguchi  (drums, chorus, 2003—present)
  • Yusuke Takeda  (bass, chorus, 2003—present)


2003 – Radwimps

2005 – Radwimps 2: Hatten Tojo

2006 – Radwimps 3: Mujinto ni Motte Ikiwasureta Ichimai

2006 – Radwimps 4:Okazu no Gohan

2009 – Altocolony no Teiri

2011 – Zettai Zetsumei

My favorite Radwimps album is Altocolony no Teiri.





Guess I once was strange
Silence waiting game
Should have it to dawn
What I faces is were

#Think i’ll stay on over
#Gotta move a little closer
#Think of what I should and shouldn’t have
#And still I haven’t hadn’t had another chance
#To pity me enervated can’t you see

(i’m not there)

*Mystery…mystery of

Nothing…mystery…hey..yeah..yeah..yeah..mystery of
Should have followed her
Like I’d bother
Across the lake of my own
Guess I’d bother



Butterfingers….this is my favorite local rock/grunge band up to date. I know this band since high school and I just love their music and still love them till now.  This, Malaysian rock band was famous (and i believe still are ) back in 90’s especially among high school and college students. The fact that they remind me of Nirvana, makes me love them even more but Butterfingers retained its originality with their twist of local music flavor in their music production and of course the awesome lyrics. The classic example are Royal Jelly and Malayneum. I love their originality. I miss this band a lot, there’s rumors that they will come back this year (fingers cross, please returned Butterfingers! please save the music). They were banned in local mainstream music scene for a particular reasons, sucks I know. I don’t really get it in regards to their banned issue. One of the ridiculous rumor (?) a friend told me Butterfingers was banned because in one performance in an award show, Emmet didn’t wore shoe on the stage….retarded? yes it was retarded. Am not sure as well whether they still banned or not  now heck I don’t care because whether they not on TV or radio I still spin their cassette and CDs. Who need radio and TV when you have mp3s, internet and of course underground music, I still listen to their songs up till now at the age of 26, that’s good music is all about. The songs and music are ageless. It will never died.  Their music inspired me a lot, that pretty much I know and I acknowledge them as an inspiration. That’s why Butterfingers is one of my favorite artists that I will tell and talk to my children in future.

The Butterfingers are

  • Emmett – Emmett Roslan Ishak (Vocals, Guitar, Violin)
  • Loque – Khairil Ridzwan bin Anuar (Guitar, Samples, Vocals)
  • Kadak – Mohd Fakharudin Bin Mohd Bahar (Bass, Vocals)
  • Loko – Mohamad Hafiz (Drums)
  • Ex:- Kalai (Drums) played for 1.2 Miligrams album

**Loque is my favorite. He will forever and always be my first high school crush LOL

9mmparabellum bullet

Okay……………..a friend of mine ask me, what the heck is 9mm thing that I often used as my user id. She think I’m implying some kind of obscene remarks etc LOL what a pervert woman. Well for those that familiar with bullet and take ballistic course or simply  like guns, 9mm is a familiar term. Its not a measurement of length of what ever it is that my friend thought it would be… 9mm refers to a bullet.

9mm is a bullet in the firearms cartridges which have 9millimeters (0.35 in) caliber range where the length refers to the cartridge case length. The most prevalence of these rounds is 9x19mm parabellum. Well….its a bullets cartridge. This cartridge travel and is lethal at longer ranges. The 9 mm cartridge combines a flat trajectory with moderate recoil. This bullets offers energy that allows for adequate expansion and penetration with premium JHP bullets. Used in 9mm pistols and submachine guns.

Ok now, I’m not interested in guns what so ever. I did passed firearm training during my training with RMP in 2008 (damn the it was pure fun) though….I used 9mm in my user id a lot because its a name of my favorite J-Rock band, 9mmParabellum Bullet. Simple as that. Given to the definition of the term, this band offers a very fast,upbeat, loud, piercing noisy music and definitely penetrate tissues of your eardrums and brain. Not a music for those that even consider Nickelback as loud or rock music.

9mm parabellum for me is just a simply amazing band. This awesome band was formed in 2004 from Yokohama. The band consist of

Vocalist and rhythm guitarist  – Takuro Sugawara

Guitarist and backing vocalist  – Yoshimitsu Taki

Bassist –  Kazuhiko Nakamura

Drummer – Chihiro Kamijo

9mmParabellum Bullet

From front left – Kazuhiko Nakamura, Takuro Sugawara, (back,left) Chihiro Kamijo and Yoshimitsu Taki


1) Album

Termination (2007)

Vampire (2008)

Revolutionary (2010)

2) Mini-albums

Gjarllarhon (2005)

Phantomime (2007)

The World EP (2007)

Discommunication EP (2007)

Black Market Blues EP (2009)

Cold Edge EP (2009)

3) Singles

Supernova/Wanderland (2008)

Inochi no Zenmai (2010)

This is a brief introduction of this band. It’s very hard to find an English blog of 9mmparabellum bullet. Its a shame that this band goes unnoticed among rock music lovers. This band live gig is no joke. If not all pop singers can sing live, for a band…not all band have it take to perform a live gig. This band happen to be a band that have it and again I must say, they just simply amazing.

Revenge of the surf queen

I will write more on them on the next post and it would be on their latest album, Revolutionary.